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FH-JOANNEUM - Studiengang Fahrzeugtechnik/Automotive Engineering

Vortragsreihe: Innovationen in der Fahrzeugtechnik

Organisation der Vortragsreihe: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Herbert Fellner

Techn. Support: Ing. Wolfgang Dautermann

Electric and autonomous. Where is the fun?

Concept One
(Picture: Rimac Automobili)

Date & Location
2017-11-22 | 18:00 | Lecture room 005
Alte Poststraße 147,
8020 Graz

Lecturer: Mate Rimac, Rimac Automobili, Sveta Nedelja

It all started in a garage - when founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac was 17 years old. He already had his first patents and was the Croatian champion for electronics and innovation, representing Croatia in competitions all over the world, but at that moment already working on a new project – his old 1984 BMW E30. After his gas engine blew up on a race, he started converting it into an electric race car. Mate was inspired by Nikola Tesla (born in Croatia) and fascinated by his motor, so he was always asking himself why nobody builds electric sportscars or race cars, which seemed logic as the electric motor has so many advantages compared to combustion engines.

This old BMW broke 5 FIA and Guinness World Records for the fastest accelerating electric car and helped Mate to prove that electric cars can be fun and fast – even faster than gas powered cars. And the exciting story still goes on ...
Admission is free. Registration is not required.