Institute of Automotive Engineering
Head of Institute: Dr. Kurt Steiner

FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH
Alte Poststraße 149
A-8020 Graz
Phone: +43 (0)316 5453-8402
Fax.: +43 (0)316 5453-8401
FH-JOANNEUM - Institut für Fahrzeugtechnik / Automotive Engineering

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Information about the Master's thesis

  1. Flowchart (PDF) [Updated: 2019-07-05]
  2. Master's Thesis Composition Guidelines (PDF), (DOCX) [Updated: 2015-12-03]
  3. Guidelines for composing a thesis proposal (PDF) [New: 2015-11-30]
    Example 1 for a Master's thesis proposal [Updated: 2022-05-17]
    Example 2 for a Master's thesis proposal [Updated: 2022-05-23]
  4. Master's Thesis Registration (PDF), (DOCX) [Updated: 2023-03-28]
  5. Assessment of the Master's thesis. [New: 2015-04-10]

Information about the Master's exam